November 29, 2017

Dear Northwood Knight Families,

Over the next four years, funding provided by the State of Washington to the Puyallup School District will be insufficient to support all educational programs and daily operations of schools to properly meet the educational needs of students.

To continue funding day-to-day operations not funded by the state, the PSD Board of Directors is asking voters to replace the expiring Educational Programs and Operations Levy which expires in December 2018. 

Replacing the levy will allow the district to maintain K-12 programs, fund day-to-day operations including classroom teachers, instructional aides, nurses, textbooks and learning materials, reasonable class sizes, support technology, arts, music, and athletic programs, maintain school playgrounds and playfields, heating, plumbing, health, safety, and fire-alarm and security systems.

Please make sure you are registered to vote, so that you may participate.  The Educational Programs and Operations Replacement Levy will be on the February 13, 2018 Special Election ballot.


Melanie Helle, Principal