Morning Drop-Off and Dismissal Pick-Up Tips
Morning Drop-Off and Dismissal Pick-Up Tips
Posted on 09/07/2017
Morning Drop-Off and Dismissal Pick-Up Tips

Here are some morning drop-off and dismissal pick-up reminders:

Morning Drop off for Students is 8:40 (9:40 on Mondays). Quest students may be dropped off at 8:20 (9:20 on Mondays).

Please do not drop-off students earlier than their designated time. We are unable to provide supervision.

Multiple vehicles can let students out in the drop-off area. There is no need to drop-off one at a time. Please avoid driving into the bus loading/unloading zone.

When dropping off your student, please encourage him/her to be ready to exit in a timely manner.

For dismissal pick-up, please make sure to pick up your student in the two designated areas (Flag pole or at the opposite end of the building).

Students will not be allowed to walk across the bus loading area without an adult accompanying them. Buses and moving vehicles pose a serious threat to their safety.

Always drive with caution and care through our parking lot.

If there are any changes in how students are to go home, please send a note or e-mail (or call) the front office FIRST THING in the morning. We know that emergencies happen, but please do your absolute best to contact the front office by 2:00.

Dismissal is a very busy time, and late requests are difficult to honor.

Thank you so much for all your efforts in keeping our students safe. That is our number one priority!