Potential 2017-2018 6th Grade Move to Edgemont Junior High School

Potential 2017-2018 6th Grade Move to Edgemont Junior High School

On Thursday, December 1 (6:00pm, Edgemont Junior High School Commons) our 5th grade parents will have the opportunity to meet with your Mountain View and Northwood principals (Brian Curtis and Melanie Helle), our Edgemont Junior High School principal (Eric Molver) and vice principal (Alyssa Donohue), district officials, several of our 6th grade teachers, and each other in order to discuss the possibility of our Mountain View and Northwood 6th graders learning on the Edgemont campus next school year. During the meeting parents will:

Learn more about the growth in the district and in our attendance area.

  • Discuss how this growth has impacted Mountain View and Northwood as we have grown to use EVERY instructional space possible.
  • Hear about the process and timeline that our School Board has used to make student housing decisions.
  • Hear from the Ballou administrative team about some of the details of how the Zeiger 6th graders  to Ballou transition has worked and what we might expect if our students transition to Edgemont for their 6th grade year.
  • Begin to collect parent questions about how we might work to make a smooth transition and ensure the safety, positive education, and still maintain some of our Northwood and Mountain View traditions if our 6th graders move to Edgemont next year. 

 While a decision about whether or not to move Mountain View and Northwood 6th graders to Edgemont next year will be made by our School Board in late January or early February, we want to be prepared to make this a positive move! 

Brian Curtis, Melanie Helle, Eric Molver, Alyssa Donohue